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Keep calm and go green


It is no secret that our society has been turning towards a green mindset. Saving our planet and our resources seem to be the top of everyone’s agenda in our everyday activities and choices within retail is no exception. Consumer trends show it's no longer optional, eco friendly packaging is now a ‘must’ for brands around the globe.

Companies opting to pledge to recyclable packaging are making headlines daily for their commitment to sustainable packaging – no longer a USP – it's now a must!

Whatever you’re selling this is an opportunity to assess your packaging strategy. A small change to your packaging to green and offering sustainable solutions are great for the planet, responsive marketing and yield sales. Your customers will be delighted with the changes you’re making to our environment – maybe introduce a catchy tagline or slogan to be part of lead the scene and keep it green!

At Wave Packaging we can offer a wide range of eco friendly packaging solutions to get you into the green scene, including;

• Biodegradable bags – bag break down over time creating less risk to wildlife and landfill
• Composable bags – at least 90% degrades in the right conditions
• Bags for Life – thicker micron does not incur single use carrier bag – great marketing tool
• Paper bags – recyclable and biodegradable and made from renewal natural resource
• Jute and Cotton bags – can be re used and very strong and durable

Please note this not an exhaustive list should you be looking for a particular eco friendly product – give us a call or email with specific details and we will source.
Packaging is the signature you leave everywhere and it has the ability to attract todays customers more than other sales strategies. Your packaging is the first thing people see and has the ability to draw attention within seconds. So much care, money and resource goes into your product so the same ethos needs to be applied to your packaging.
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